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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Show Interface Commands

I am looking for a command that outputs something similar to Cisco's Show Interface Status command.


Show Interface Brief truncates the port names


Show Interface Brief Wide does not work on my network and I am having difficulty finding information about it.  Is there a specific OS version for the command to work?  I'm in a junior position and I dont necessarily have access to all commands so any permissions info would be helpful to send up the to the powers that be to try to get access.



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Re: Show Interface Commands

sh int bri


telnet@SportCntr-FCX624SH-POE#sh int bri

Port    Link    State   Dupl Speed Trunk Tag Pvid Pri MAC            Name
1/1/1   Up      Forward Full 1G    None  Yes N/A  0   748e.f80c.08c0  "Admin R
1/1/2   Up      Forward Full 1G    None  Yes N/A  0   748e.f80c.08c1  connecti
1/1/3   Disable None    None None  None  Yes N/A  0   748e.f80c.08c2  Admin2 R
1/1/4   Disable None    None None  None  No  3100 0   748e.f80c.08c3
1/1/5   Up      Forward Full 100M  None  Yes N/A  0   748e.f80c.08c4  Connecti
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Re: Show Interface Commands

Hello Jake1911. What hardware/software version are you using?


I searched for this, and found this on a way earlier thread in these forums. If all you are looking for is the port name, you can run this command: 'show interface | in line | name' to output port and protocol status, with the port-name on the second line. Not the greatest, but it is something. We may be able to help more once we know the software version you are running on the hardware (which we also need).


Hope this helps.

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