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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Sflow ingress only?

We operate several XMR's where we do core routing. For monitoring, we started using sflow and the as-stats script set  which you can find at

After configuring we see only incoming traffic being monitored and after observing the sflow packets in wireshark it seems that sflow only operates on ingreds traffic. Traffic src'ed from our own is not monitored at all.

What to do about this and is this by design?

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Re: Sflow ingress only?

Hi noc26,

sFlow will collect ingress-egress information however the stats are for byte and packet counter - see below

Configuration considerations

Sample data is collected from inbound traffic on ports enabled for sFlow. However, both traffic directions are counted for byte and packet counter statistics sent to the collector. The actual IP source address of the IP header is decided from the router port address of the best route to the

sFlow collector IP address.



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