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Setting up Secondary DHCP to Brocade ICX 6610


Currently We have a Brocade ICX 6610 acting as our gateway and has a Adtran 4430 connected to it acting as a DHCP server. We have few vlans on it. I am trying to set up a new Microsoft DHCP server on another interface so that we can start moving from Adtran to MS DHCP. 

My new vlan has a subnet of the Brocade gateway: and the DHCP:

Following is my config for the new connection


vlan 135 name Cust_data_4 by port
tagged ethe 1/1/2 ethe 1/3/1 to 1/3/2
untagged ethe 1/1/5
router-interface ve 135


ip route ethernet 1/1/5


interface ethernet 1/1/5
port-name Cust_data_4
sflow forwarding


interface ve 135
port-name Cust_Public 4
ip address
ip helper-address 1



However I dont seem to be getting an IP address when I connect. I have a few Adtran gpon Chassis connected on eth 1/3/1 . My system is connection to one of the ONTs on the Gpon Chassis. The same set up seems to work if I provision my conneciton on an existing vlan .

Please help.




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Re: Setting up Secondary DHCP to Brocade ICX 6610

Hi Sir

it seems that you have been cofused.

you have a vlan: 135 , and you have a DHCP server directly connected to the switch( You have an ip address with the same subnet of DHCP server and in additon you have a route to ethernet 1/1/5. :)


you don't have to do the routing through the eth 1/1/5 ( ip route ethernet 1/1/5 ). 

you don't have to configure a DHCP server on vlan 135 ( ip helper-address 1 )


if you add an other port to vlan 135 it will take an ip address (untagged ethe 1/1/6). if you can not; check the DHCP server scopes. 

if you have different vlans(not 135) you have to configure helper address under the ve interfaces.


but kindly i sugggest you to have a professional help.






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