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Serial Number of older Fastiron WS Switch not recognized

Hello everyone,


I recently received a well used and EOL FastIron FWS648G-POE running a quite old firmware release.


The switch is powering my home network, so nothing special, but I'd like to upgrade to the latest supported firmware release and if I've understood correctly I need to register my device by serial number to gain acces to the firmware downloads - and there the trouble begins:  The switch boldly displays the old foundry networks logo on the chassis and the serial number gathered via switch cli is not recognized by  "my brocade" whe trying to register this device.


So, guy, what to do next? 


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Re: Serial Number of older Fastiron WS Switch not recognized

@Knecht Rootrecht


in order to register Switch by Brocade, you must purchase Maintenance Contract, then you can register the Switch and have access to Download.


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