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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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SX800 and Dell FS7610

Has anyone out there successfully configured a SX800 to work with a DELL FS7610?  We are having no luck and dell instructions are pretty sketchy.

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Re: SX800 and Dell FS7610

[ Edited ]

Yes, that works without any issues ! Dell is sending the default VLAN 1 untagged over uplinks in case you are using tagged uplinks between the switches. The SX-800 does not.

You have to use the "dual-mode" interface command in this case.

Untagged ports work without any issue. 

Be also carefull with Spanning Tree in case its enabled on the Dell. Dell supports NO per VLAN spanning tree as the SX does by default. Both versions are not compatible ! So either do STP passthrough on the Dell or switch the SX-800 into single spanning tree mode.

If you follow these steps the connection is a no brainer.


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