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SX1600 automatically reloads

Hello All. I have a SX1600 that reloads itself from time to time. I ran the NetHealth program that Brocade provides this morning after it rebooted. Nothing appears abnormal. The only thing strange is it says it's last reboot was "by reload". No one knows how to log into our switches nor do I believe anyone is trying to do something malicious. The unit has multiple power supplies that go to dedicated circuits. I've had the circuits tested. I've made sure the firmware is the latest and greatest, SXL07400p. The room is temperature controlled so it's not overheating. I've monitored the slot temperatures throughout the day. They're always between 38-47 deg C. Does anyone have suggestions as to what might be happening? I appreciate your time.

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Re: SX1600 automatically reloads



Based on your description this sounds like it could either be a hardware related issue or a possible process reload, but I note that you already have the latest version for this device so software problem is less likely.


Are there any other indications in logs just prior to upgrade?  Do you log to an external syslog server?




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