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SX-1600 Web Management is whacked

Hello again --


We just upgraded our SX-1600 core switch/router to Gen 3 management modules and v08.00.00a (boot image 08.00.01) firmware. All went well with the upgrade but after dowenloading the configuration we discovered that browsing to the switch address displayed only the front panel graphic for the switch with a "logout" clickable  spot at the bottom. Some woodshedding with the documentation yielded the following:


Configuration through web interface is not supported in this release. Only front panel display is

supported using Web.



What's up with that? It's a serious workflow problem to lose the ability to view configurations graphically, especially when dealing with VLANs with multiple types of ports. Will web (read graphical) configuration be coming back? We're using Network Advisor, but there's a huge difference between the two --


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Re: SX-1600 Web Management is whacked

Get your account team to submit a Request For Enhancement ( RFE ) so Product team can road map it with Software Engineering.

Since it is documented as non-supported feature, that is a caveat emptor we will live with.


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