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STP Question

I have the following setup:

Distro Switch 1 <-> Distro Switch 2



               Access Switch

One cable is going from port 47 to Distro switch 1 and another is going from port 48 to Distro switch 2.  Vlan 1  is configured for this particular example.  There is an LACP trunk setup btw the distro switches to pass vlan traffic.

However, If both 47+48 are enabled on the access switch, I thought one of the ports would go into a blocking state.  That is not the case.  Both ports stay forwarding.  If I do a show spanning-tree vlan 1, I do not see any trunk ports in the vlan on any of the switches.  Is there something I'm missing on the trunk configuration for this to work properly?  Ultimate goal is for redundancy for the access switch.

Btw, I am running 802.1w.


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Re: STP Question

Networkninja, What are the switches that you are using here in Distribution & access layers?

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Re: STP Question

I would yhink that is becouse you are using VLAN 1 (the defaul VLAN)  Either change the VLAN numner of change the default VLAN number and retest.



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