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SSH Connectivy Issues on Variety of Brocade Switches

I am a part of a team of seven engineers with SSH access to a bunch of different models of Brocade switches. We are having a problem with SSH connectivity. When we use SSH to access a switch that someone else is currently accessing via SSH one of two things happens:


1) The second user's SSH session terminates the first user's SSH session. The switch's log just shows that the first user simply logged out. The first user geets logged out as soon as the second user's SSH request is made to the switch, before the second user even authenticates.

2) The second user cannot access the switch via SSH; the first user session is preventing the second. The connection times out. No entries get placed in the switch's log.


These issues happen differently on different switches (as in, one switch may do #1 while another switch does #2) but always consistently (as in, if a switch does #2 it will always do #2 consistently). We have had multiple of our engineers review the configurations of multiple switches and we are unable to determine what setting is limiting our SSH sessions to one. A "show who" command show that up to five inbound and outbound SSH connections are available, even though one connection is only ever in use due to the two behaviors outlined above.


These issues are happening at every switch we access and are severely limiting our ability to be productive as we have seven engineers who are constantly either being locked out (issue 2) or kicking each other out (issue 1) of the switches as we all try to perform our individual tasks. Please help.

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Re: SSH Connectivy Issues on Variety of Brocade Switches

We've had timeout issues with ssh but not login issues when another person logs in.  Does the switch think you are both coming from different ip addresses? I would set the ssh idle time very low. What version of OS and what hardware? Does it work fine with telnet?

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