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SNMPv3 Authorization Failure - Can't figure it out....


We've been racking our brains trying to figure out what the problem is, but we're out of options.  Here's the info

Router 1

Getting SNMP authorization failures, but the snmp server is still reading and receiving the information.

Router 2

Not getting any SNMP authorization failures.  The SNMP server is reading and receiving the information.

Both routers have SNMP configured exactly the same.  The snmp server is configured exactly the same for both nodes.  Both routers are running the same OS version.  Both routers are the same hardware.

We've tried everything that we can think of.  This is the only router out of 12 that does this.  All other routers on the network do not have this issue.  It has to be something related to SNMP, but not related if that makes sense.

Anyone have any suggestions on something to try?


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Re: SNMPv3 Authorization Failure - Can't figure it out....

Hi Patrick,

     Suggest to test to see if the packets are following the same path for both routers. Verify L2 and L3 from the router to the SNMP server/s.

     Double check the aaa commands.

Post your configs if you can too please.



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