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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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SFP not supported

I have a Brocade 1010 CNA and a Brocade 24 port Ethernet switch to connect to it. I have made the connection with a "Direct Attach" cable, at least that is what I think it is - it isn't labeled. It is a relatively stiff (copper) cable with what I suppose to be SFP+ connectors (or perhaps they are called mini-GBIC?) permanently mounted at each end. I am unsure of the terminaology. However, when booting the cdrom with the bcu utility I get the message "Unsupported SFP". If I boot Linux, the NIC is recognized, but no packets flow. Do I need a different cable? What would it be called? This 10GBE business is very unclear.

We do have an HP 10GBE NIC that does work in this system with this cable and switch, but I would prefer to standardize on a single port NIC if possible. We can use FO cables if that is all that is required. I don't see any clear statement of what to get anywhere.un

Daniel Feenberg



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Re: SFP not supported

can you please provide for the SFP Part Number mouted on the cable ? or post a PIC ?

Brocade CNA 1010 is a native Converged Adapter, and support only 10G SFP+ other Transceiver are not supported.

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Re: SFP not supported

I think only brocade branded Twinax cables are supported officially.
you won't have any issue if you use

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