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Replacing Cisco 3750 with Stacks of 6610


One of my client is replacing some Cisco 3750s with stacks of 6610 .

They actually use Per vlan SPT on the cisco network and I am looking for the exact configuration template to use on the 6610 to make sure everyhting will work correctly .


They're replacing two switches (PTC_SW_10 and PTC_SW_11) on the top with Brocade. 

Corresponding switches in the middle (PTC_SW_3 and PTC_SW_4) will remain Cisco for the time being (will be replaced by Brocade later).


As anyone come accross this scenario before and able to drop me the configs to use ? 




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Re: Replacing Cisco 3750 with Stacks of 6610

Yes, this is a common scenerio. 


We support PVST and there shouldn't be any issues with this migration. Can you post your cisco configs so we can get a clear picture of the current configuration?

Jonathon Lorek
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Re: Replacing Cisco 3750 with Stacks of 6610


The migration went well using pvst . We had a small issue with the Cisco Native VLAN configuration though . 

Nothing major



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