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Replacing 1 of 3 modules. FCX648s-HPOE

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Hello. Quick question for you guys. Ive done a lot of brocade module replacements but this is the first time that I have to replace a module with the highest priority. Normally when I replace a mod it has had no priority, like 3rd of 4th module of the stack. IIRC these modules do not hold any configurations on them and I just add them back to the stack once ive swapped them out.


The mod being replaced has 128 priority. The 2nd stack has 64. Then 0,0,0 all the way down. Do I have to completely reconfigure the top module before replacing it or can I just join it to the stack? Will it just get its config from the 2nd stack? Would it automatically be configured for 128 priority afterwards? Any help would be appreciated.

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