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Relevant SFP part numbers



As far as I understood SFP adapters from Cisco are not compatible with Brocade switches.  Could somebody please advise correct and supported Brocade part numbers of the following SFP adapters (going to be installed on ICX6610)?


- CWDM-1590 SFP (Cisco P/N: CWDM-SFP-1590=)


- CWDM-1610 SFP (Cisco P/N: CWDM-SFP-1610=)




Thank you in advance.

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Re: Relevant SFP part numbers

E1MG-CWDM80-1590 (CWDM SFP optic, 80Km, 1590nm, LC connector)

E1MG-CWDM80-1610 (CWDM SFP optic, 80Km, 1610nm, LC connector)

E1MG-SX-OM (1000Base-SX SFP optic, MMF, LC connector, Optical Monitoring Capable)


All the above are qualified with ICX 6610. Let me know if you need a quote for these.




Sharan Mahadevan,

Systems Engineer, Inside


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Re: Relevant SFP part numbers

Thank you Sharan!

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