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Regarding Tag Port issue

Hi Team,


I am facing Issue while creating  tag/untagged port.  I have Cisco swicthes and Brocade switches(7250ICX) in my Network.

I have configured three Vlan' s in cisco switches namely Vlan1 (using as Data LAn for Martk Users) , Vlan200( Data LAn for Finance Dept) and Vlan 201 (Data LAN for Guest users). I have created trunk port on Cisco SW and this Trunk is connected with Brocade SW.

I have allowed Vlan 1, 200 and 201 on Cisco SW.  Also Three Vlan are configured in Brocade SW vlan 1, 200 and 201 and Tagged Port. I have no issue for vlan 200 and 201 on brocade SW, users are able to connected 200 and 201 But users are not able to get any IP from Vlan1.


I want vlan 1 should tagged/passed in brocade SW also becasue in my netowork Vlan 1 is used by most of the users. What should I do to pass Vlan 1 infomation to Brocade SW.

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Re: Regarding Tag Port issue

By default, all the ports on a FastIron device are in a single port-based VLAN. This VLAN is called the DEFAULT-VLAN and is VLAN number 1. The default VLAN is not configurable. If you want to use the VLAN ID "VLAN 1" as a configurable VLAN, you can assign a different VLAN ID to the default VLAN:


device(config)# default-vlan-id 100 (the new default vlan-id must be not already in use)

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Re: Regarding Tag Port issue

Hello team,


I made changes as per suggested but still still is same.

In cisco I have three Vlan 1,200 and 201 and vlan 1 is default Vlan. Created on port as a trunk and allowed Vlan1,200,201. Now I created therr vlan in brocade SW vlan 100,200,201 and mark vlan 100 as default vlan. Since configuation is not allowed on default vlan 100 so i could not tag any port for vlan 100. tagged one of the port forvlan 200 and 201.


I want to use vlan1, 200 and 201 of Cisco in brocade SW. Vlan 200 and 201 are working fine with tagged port but vlan 1 is not operation. how to use cisco Vlan 1 information in brocade SW.


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Re: Regarding Tag Port issue



I am pretty sure that Cisco will be defaultsend VLAN 1 traffic over a trunk as untagged traffic rather tahn tagging it as you require.  I believe the command to enable tagging of native VLAN (1) on a cisco trunk ports is something like vlan dot1q tag native


As for FastIron I believe you were on the right track originally with tagging all three VLANs


Hope this helps




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