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Registered: ‎08-23-2012

Recovering old Ed-140m password to wipe configs and possibly upgrade firmware?

Hi all,

I'm new to Brocade as you will tell from my question. (Apart from doing the CCNA many years ago, IT isn't my strongest area)

We have two pallets in stores of old Mcdata Ed-140m's Connectrix which we are looking to clear out and try sell, what I'm looking for is how to find the firmware version and if all ports are woking/active but am meet with a very unhelpful limited command list over hyper terminal.

I changed the IP so I could try telnet or use the web GUI but am asked for an admin password (unfortunately it's not default) . I don't know where these originally came from as they have been here for a number of years in storage and apart from having to enter "password" where I'm meet with C.> all I can access is Display log, Ipconfig and Pswd reset. The OS could possibly be an old Fabric version due to it not recognising any new fabric commands I've tried or I simply dont have privilages.

A potential buyer has asked what firmware is on them but I haven't been able to answer this, apart from that I'd assume they wish to have access to configure them once bought. Is there any interrupt on start up or method to reset this admin (root) password so I can restore these to some form of default config and be able to upgrade the firmware if the customer so wishes?

Apparently people still have value on these machines and I'll be forced with having to scrap these off if I can't gain access to reset them, even a factory wipe or restore will be OK as long as they as made usable again. What ever config was on them is of no longer importance so theres no issues of losing startupconfig or anything like this.

I'd appreciate any help as with such old hardware I'm having no joy finding a solution to this or a direction to take.

Kind Regards,


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