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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Recomendation for VRRPE and BGP

I've got an all Brocade environment and have  two FastIron switches with local BGP and receiving a default route to the distribution layer (pair of mlx's) each fastIron has 2 default routes as well as only its local bgp routes. I'm considering setting up vrrpe on both fastirons and using this as another layer of ip redundancy (primarily for Maintenance windows) for customers. I'm currently reviewing the options I have on the BGP side as both the primary and and backup vrrpe interfaces are the same subnet. I could create a simple static route on the backup with a floating (high) metric or maybe a conditional advertising statement. Does anyone else have any other ideas to consider? I know i could redistribute the interfaces with a much higher metric locally as an option but want to keep it as simple as possible. Any Idea's?

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Re: Recomendation for VRRPE and BGP

You may consider stacking of the fastiron switches if you are looking for redundancy. The new versions of fastiron also supports stacking on Long range fiber cables. so its not a problem even if the switches are few hundred meters from each other.


Umair Khan Patel

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