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Rate Limiting


i need for my client to have rate limiting rules on my icx 6430;

for single links it's easy with the rate limiting parameter.


for some clients i need to enable LACP to produce a secure double link (for failover  and High Availability  reasons etc... )

AND Rate Limiting doesn't work on LACP ports.

Is there any way to rate limite on VLAN ?

I get client's VLAN from a Trunk and i detagg with my delivery port to my client's network.

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Re: Rate Limiting

FYI....Depending on the kind of traffic on the link (for example, Windows folder redirection), it's possible to get unexpected results with FastIron rate limiting.  Pushing a 10 Mbit limit on a gigabit port means that the port will pass all traffic for the first 1/100 of a second, and then drop all packets for the remaining 99% of the second, until the next second begins.  To some systems this will look like an intermittent connection.  Which it basically is!

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Re: Rate Limiting

thanks for your answer,

then i should use adaptive rate limiting ? to get better (softer) shaping.

this is a internet delivery switch behind a router, so my clients use this link to put their servers on internet. and i used to have other vendor where i had rate-limiting egress and ingress on each port.

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