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Radius authentication failure after reload

Dear Everyone

I would be much obliged if anyone out there can assist me with our Brocade ICX 6450 switches running firmware version 08.0.10T313 (ICX6450_BASE_ROUTER_SOFT_PACKAGE).

We are using a Radius Server to authenticate switch admins.

We setup the radius server with the following commands.


radius-server host

radius-server key KEY-WITH-64-CHARACTERS


After finishing configuration, the changes were saved in the startup-config.

Unfortunately, after the switch has reloaded, a login with a radius account is no more possible.


We examined the problem and determined that only the radius-server key will not load from the startup-config into the running-config.


We would be much obliged if there has been anyone with this kind of problem and what the possible solution could be.




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Re: Radius authentication failure after reload

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Hi Pasci,

    Firstly, connect via the serial port to the switch, then pull the power cord and reinsert. When it starts to boot press 'b' to break into the boot process.  At the boot prompt enther 'no password' followed by 'boot'.


    This should get you back into the switch. Create a local username and password and set aaa to check RADIOUS then LOCAL so you do not get locked out again.  Re test RADIUS with maybe a smaller key length.






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