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Radius attributes won't work

Dear Brocade users,

We started a project to make a central authentication platform for all of our management devices. To make it easier to manage and make it more secure.
Now I have created a test setup with OpenLDAP 2.4.41 and FreeRadius 3.0.11. This works well and now is the part to make it compatible with our equipment.

I managed to make the switch authenticate against radius, users that are allowed can login. What we want is that we have two groups a read-only and a admin group.
I found it the best way to send radius attributes to switch with the correct permissions specified. I tried a lot but I'm unable to make it work.
It seems the switch doesn't respond to the attributes. Sadly there is no way to debug it on switch (or I didn't found it).

Hopefully someone with more experience has some advice or have a working example to show me.

Thanks in advance :P

Some information about the switch and Freeradius:

Hardware model: ICX6450-48
Version: 07.4.01T310

Running config (parts):
aaa authentication enable default local
aaa authentication login default local radius

ip address
no ip dhcp-client enable
ip default-gateway
username manager password .....
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1646 default

ip access-list standard SSH-TTY-ALLOWEDHOSTS
 permit any
ip access-list standard TELNET-TTY-ALLOWEDHOSTS
 permit any

Proof radius is sending the attributes:
(1) Sent Access-Accept Id 38 from to length 0
(1)   Service-Type = Administrative-User
(1)   Brocade-Auth-Role = "Admin"
(1)   Foundry-Privilege-Level = 32768
(1)   Foundry-Command-String = "*"
(1)   Foundry-Command-Exception-Flag = 0
(1)   Brocade-Passwd-ExpiryDate = "04/30/16"
(1)   Brocade-Passwd-WarnPeriod = "30"

Some options to that I also tried:
Brocade-Auth-Role = "admin"
Brocade-Auth-Role = "0"
Foundry-Privilege-Level = 0

I tried a lot more but not documented it all.

Both dictionary.foundry and dictionary.brocade are installed on the freeradius server.

If you need more info please let me know!

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