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RADIUS Configuration - ICX switches.

For RADIUS authentication you need to do configurations of both the sides, RADIUS server and the switch.


On ICX switches you need to do the below configuration:


aaa authentication enable default radius local
aaa authentication enable implicit-user
aaa authentication login default radius local
radius-server host <radius server ip address>
radius-server key <Key>
radius-server timeout 5


Configure RADIUS server, select the profile 'Brocade' on it.

Please note that on some RADIUS servers, for example Juniper, the is no profile as 'Brocade'. In this case you can select the profile "Foundry", it works on ICX switches.


Recommendations: Please keep multiple sessions open on the switch you are configuring, so that you may not lose the access of the switch if anything goes unexpected. Keep the revert back configuration ready.



you can use the below configuration to change the authentication order:


To remove authentication order.
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authentication enable default local



Thank you! :)


Umair Khan Patel

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