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Question regarding routing feature on a FCX624

Hi, I have kind of a dumb question but it is driving me crazy.

I have a Stackable FCX624  SW: Version 06.0.00T7f1  Boot-Monitor Image size = 365250, Version:06.0.00T7f5 (grz06000)  and I cannot enter any "routing" command as it is rejected.

I asume it is a L2 switch or I should enter a Cisco "ip routing" sort of command prior to enter any routing configuration.

Does anybody can tell me if there is any command to enable routing on the box or confirm if the HW/SW is L3 compatible?


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Re: Question regarding routing feature on a FCX624

I just received my first FCX-6948s last week and had the same problem when I was trying to set up virtual routing interfaces for VLANs. The answer was simple once I had my local Brocade SE explain it.  There are two flash cards on board. Number 1 boots the switch to L2 level.  The 2nd Flash boots the switch to Layer3. At the global command prompt (not config), type "boot sys flash secondary" and RETURN.  The switch should reboot and when it's back up, it will accept routing commands.

To make this part of the running config;

At the global (config)# prompt, add the "boot sys fl sec" command.  Now whenever the switch is restarted, it will know to set itsef up as a L3 device. 

Don't forget to do a write mem when you're done.

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Re: Question regarding routing feature on a FCX624

you need to be running FCXR image to get routing functionality.

USED_Dec_30#show version

  Copyright (c) 1996-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
    UNIT 1: compiled on Jun 24 2011 at 21:39:10 labeled as FCXR07202d
                (6012339 bytes) from Primary FCXR07202d.bin
        SW: Version 07.2.02dT7f3
  Boot-Monitor Image size = 369292, Version:07.1.00T7f5 (grz07100)
  HW: Stackable FCX648S-HPOE

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Re: Question regarding routing feature on a FCX624

I'm sorry. I've tried to check this answer also as the right one but it seems I made a mistake.

Thanks for your support.

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