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Qos for VDI and Voice over Layer 3 Point to Point links

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Good morning


I need to implement Qos between 4 sites, for VDI running on VMware, and cisco Voice. I do not care about any other traffic on these links - the rest can go best effort.


The VDI infrastructure is primary in London, sitting on a Vlan on a brocade 6610 stack (


The HK office users need to access these virtual machines from They sit on a cisco 3850.

The NY users are on and sit on Brocade FCX-648 stack.


For voice there is cisco call manager in London, that both HK and NY phones register to.


Further to this there is a DR site with no users, that also has a cisco call manger subscriber for backup that also needs to be factored into the Qos design.


the topolgy is simple, however the Qos design documents are very difficult to understand.


I see a few posts here of people that have asked for examples - it seems people reply with links to documents.  I have scoured the internet for examples and cannot find any.  There are none in this document:


Someone must have implemented a straightforward Qos design, and have the config handy.


This (these) documents are more about theory than implementation.  The cisco device will be no problem - as VMware publish a document for QOS and use cisco as an example, and there are thousands of examples out there.

Does anyone have a configuration for this sort of thing - im talking examples rather than links to brocade documents?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Qos for VDI and Voice over Layer 3 Point to Point links

Hi Contra,

    I do not have an example sorry.  However the main thing to remember for Brocade when using stacking is that Q7 is reserved for stacking information.  I would suggest you use Q5 for Voip and VDI, leaving 6 available should something come up that needs highter.


Use the below to set Q5 on the ports you need.


Brocade(config)#interface ethernet 1/1/1
Brocade(config-if-e1000-1/1/1)#priority 5




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Re: Qos for VDI and Voice over Layer 3 Point to Point links

Hello Contra,

Did you move forward with this design ? What have you implemented exactly ? 

We might have to do the same type of configuration soon and I am interested to know the outcome of your discussions.




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