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QoS with Foundry FES2402


We have severals FES2402 with layer3 firmware and we want to assign the QoS to the Vlan VoiP.

Can you help me??


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Re: QoS with Foundry FES2402

Hi reseauinfo,

From Switch and Router Enterprise Configuration and Management Guide

Chapter 3

Configuring Quality of Service on a FastIron Edge Switch

Changing a Port’s Priority

To change the QoS priority of port 1 to the premium queue (qosp3), enter the following commands:

FES4802 Router(config)# interface ethernet 1

FES4802 Router(config-if-1)# priority 7

The device will change the 802.1p priority of traffic received on port 1 to priority 7.

Syntax: priority <num>

The <num> parameter can be from 0 – 7 and specifies the IEEE 802.1 equivalent to one of the four QoS queues.

Viewing QoS Settings

To display the QoS settings for all the queues, enter the following command:

Syntax: show qos-profiles all | <name>

The all parameter displays the settings for all four queues. The <name> parameter displays the settings for the specified queue.



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