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Q) [ip tcp keepalive] function

Sorry, i can't speak english well..


i have question about command // ADX, SX800


what is this command effect?

this command affect all tcp message?

about tellnet ? or ADX TCP health-check?




I will configure the "ip tcp keepalive" command. Because prepared for when telnet session is abnormaly terminated.


i find it but i don't understand.


ip tcp keepalive.


Configures the time interval between TCP keepalive messages.

ip tcp keepalive timeout interval-time num-messages
no ip tcp keepalive timeout interval-time num-messages
Command Default

The time interval between TCP keepalive messages is not configured.

Parameters timeout Configures the timeout in seconds to start sending keepalive messages. Set to 0 to disable the timeout. interval-time Configures the interval time in seconds between keepalive messages. Set to 0 to disable sending keepalive messages. num-messages Configures the number of keepalive messages to be sent before disconnecting.

Global configuration mode

Usage Guidelines

The no form of the command disables sending the keepalive messages. You can also set the interval-time variable as 0 to disable sending the keepalive messages.



The following example configures the interval between TCP keepalive messages as 5 seconds.

device(config)# ip tcp keepalive 10 5 2
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Re: Q) [ip tcp keepalive] function

Yes. This command will change the values for TCP keepalive messages for ALL TCP sessions.




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