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Q-in-Q on ICX6650 - and "tag-profile"

Does anyone have experience with...

- Running Q-in-Q on the ICX6650, with customer ports on the 6650 itself?

- A clear understanding of the "tag-profile" command?

The ICX6650 has no port regions, so the usual Brocade approach appears not to be supported. The 6650 manual mentions that port regions are a requirement - but that the 6650 only has one region!

The "tag profile" command is barely explained at all! If anyone can explain what that does or how it might work, that would be good!

Any comments appreciated. The ICX6650 manual page effectively contradicts itself, stating that port regions are required for Q-in-Q, but the 6650 does not have port regions.

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Re: Q-in-Q on ICX6650 - and "tag-profile"

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Hi Justin,


I had similar questions for ICX 6610 and 6450's with regards to tag profile. The documentation is extremely light and it makes it very difficult. I can confirm it works - and really well too.


Configuration is as follows for ICX6610/6450 so I assume it's the same on 6650.


!global config

tag-profile 9100


vlan 60 name QINQ-TEST

 untagged ethernet 1/1/1

 untagged ethernet 1/1/24


int et 1/1/1

 port-name QinQ Test - VLAN60 Port 1 

 tag-profile enable


int et 1/1/24

 port-name QinQ Test - VLAN60 Port 24 

 tag-profile enable





This creates QINQ functions between Port 1 and 24 on the same switch. It has been working perfectly for us on ICX6450, 6610 with no issues at all. It also works across tagged ports where the QINQ customer facing port might for instance be in two different DC's.


This is basically what the manual explained however there is a BUG in the 7.4a/b releases that stops this working - thus I took so long to figure it out. I believe it's all fixed in in 7.4c onwards, and I can confirm it works fine in 8.0a too.


Hope that helps.

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