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Provider Q-in-Q between FCX624S and Cisco ME3400.

I'm trying to test the abilities of the FCX in terminating a provider Q-in-Q tag with an ME3400.  I have been able to successfully test both VLAN stacking and Q-in-Q (even though they are the same thing), between two FCXs. My issue stems from the location of the Tagging.  I would like to run Tagged VLANs into the switch and then pop the provider tags on and off at the provider circuit hand-off interface, but the FCX is requiring me the add the P-TAG at the point the traffic reaches it's local switch port.  This requires me to add a cross-connect for each P-TAG and is very wasteful.  Is there another solution that I'm not seeing or testing?  Is there a way to Stack VLANs without allocating an entire port for dropping a provider tag on?

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