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Previous Firmware for FWS624G

Where can version 04.3.03T7e1 be downloaded for the FWS624G switch? My supplier doesn't provide this technical support. My application requires me to use this older version for compatibility.


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Re: Previous Firmware for FWS624G

Hi Jpeacock,

  I assume you have this version running on some existing switches?  If that is so then you can tftp the image from an existing box.


Use show flash to get the image name, then TFTP to copy it somewhere.

swtich#sh flas

Stack unit 1:

  Compressed Pri Code size = 10370872, Version:07.4.00aT311 (ICX64S07400a.bin)

  Compressed Sec Code size = 10360844, Version:07.4.00T311 (ICX64S07400.bin)

  Compressed Boot-Monitor Image size = 512, Version:07.4.00T310

  Code Flash Free Space = 6983680

swtich#copy flash tftp x.x.x.x icx64s07400a.bin




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