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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Ports reset when setting changed

Can someone confirm if this is a feature or bug?

Whenever I do something to a port it resets itself and we lose all connectivity. Even simple things like changing it's name/label. We're doing the gui for that. However we added a vlan to a trunk and the whole trunk went down.

This is crazy to me as this does not happen with other vendors and essentially means we cannot ever make any changes to trunks without taking down everything first, especially across iSCSI networks.

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Re: Ports reset when setting changed

It sounds it's a bug. Changing port-name or adding additional tagged vlan to port shouldn't affect traffic - I'm sure in 100% As I'm doing it all the time on FastIron and Netiron devices. Could you post your switch model and running software version ?

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Re: Ports reset when setting changed


     I have never seen this ether in 10+ years of using fastiron, however I do not use the web interface.  Can you test by adding another tag vlan to port from the CLI?

This maybe a web management issue only.



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Re: Ports reset when setting changed


What exact product do you have?

Had a similar issue with FastIron when using the web-gui and changing the port-name => caused the port to link down/up



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