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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Port secutity --- Secure-mac HHHH.HHHH.HHHH vlan auto


PLease if someone could help me, I am trying to put a similar config in another port :

SSH@9S_DAC_IXTLA1_101#sh run int e 1/12

interface ethernet 1/12

port-name NPG_PORT_RLPODAT01

speed-duplex 100-full

spanning-tree protect

port security


  maximum 2

  secure-mac-address 001c.2302.09ca vlan 1050 auto

  secure-mac-address 441e.a105.d4da vlan 1050 auto

The problem is when I try to put the "auto" I get an will only accept it without the auto....what is the difference?



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Re: Port secutity --- Secure-mac HHHH.HHHH.HHHH vlan auto

Please specify which Brocade product this is for

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Registered: ‎03-19-2013

Re: Port secutity --- Secure-mac HHHH.HHHH.HHHH vlan auto

Hello Bill,

This is a MLX 16 running 5.3d.

IT will only accept this line:

secure-mac-address 441e.a105.d4da vlan 1050  (without the auto)

Another thing I noticed....Is it not possible to secure the same MAC in different ports like in cisco? Here once I secure one MAC already configured on an other port I get the error MAC already in port <slot/port>



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