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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Port blocked when change vlan

Hi, i need help with a problem. When I change a default port VLAN to another VLAN, that port is blocked sometimes. FSTP has just set.
Anyone know what can be the reason?
To unlock the port I did was "disabled" and then "enable"



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Re: Port blocked when change vlan

state changes depends on the stp configuration of all devices.

You need to take below points into account in roder to troubleshoot.

where is this port connected?
What is configured on this neighbor device in terms of stp?
what is configured on your brocade device in terms of stp?
is the neighbor device sending stp BPDUs tagged or untagged and on which vlan/vlans?(if this port is tagged on more than one vlans, you may need to configure dual mode if the neighbor sends BPDUs untagged)

Hope this helps.


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