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PfSense transparent firewall behind FastIron II

I'm using a FastIron II as a router and have VLAN 2 configured to move all traffic to my upstream provider.

I installed a PfSense box as a transparent firewall the other day and the only way I could get traffic to route on this port was to disable Layer2 using the route-only command on this port.  Now my other machines on VLAN 2 aren't able to talk to this port.

Any one know why I should have to set this port to route-only and how to I get traffic from the rest of VLAN 2 to pass through this port again?

All traffic is moving fine from the Internet to the PfSense box and all machines on the other side of it.



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Re: PfSense transparent firewall behind FastIron II

Hi Leo,

do you know about using routed VE interfaces on Foundry boxes?

Keep your FastIron in "no route-only" switching mode.

conf t

vlan 2

untagged <ports>

tagged <ports>

router-interface ve 2

interface ve 2

ip address xx.xx.xx.xx/mask

add necessary static routes pointin to the PfSense box.

Does this match your problem?



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