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Packet drop on MLX with error code "53 IP no route (PFE)"


I use an MLX-16 for switching and inter-vlan routing.

For some days, i've been noticing some communication problems (e.g. Ping failure), that affects only computers that are connected (through an access switch) to Slot 13 of the MLX.

No problem is noticed for computers that are connected through other slots.

When i compare the statistics of slot 13 with other slots, the only big difference i see is the following : when doing a "show lp-cpu packet statistics slot 13", i see millions of packets dropped with the code "52-IPv4 protocol drop(PFE)", while that doesn't happens on the other slots of the MLX.

Reading the MLX Diagnostics Guide, i see this error code described as "A packet is dropped during Layer 3 processing", but there are no details.

Does someone know where i could find some details about what can cause this counter to increase ? I don't think this has something to do with the lack of route to the destination, because there is another code for that (code 53 : "A packet is dropped because there is no route to its destination), and in addition i have checked that the MLX has valid routes to all my subnets.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Re: Packet drop on MLX with error code "53 IP no route (PFE)"

Hi Gabriel,

     I would highly suggest you to call the Brocade TAC for this one.

     I have seen similar errors  from a faulty line card (e.g. memory module on the line card) , the TAC can help identify if this is the case.



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