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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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PIPE BKA | not working

Has Anyone ever seen this happen?  I perform a show run | inc hostname, for example, and the pipe is ignored.  Just shows me all of the running config.  I'm a total n00b to Foundry, so please be gentle

sh ver
  SW: Version 03.1.02bTc3 Copyright (c) 1996-2003 Foundry Networks, Inc.
      Compiled on Mar 24 2004 at 23:59:34 labeled as FER03102b
      (3267752 bytes) from Primary fer03102b.bin
      Boot Monitor: Version 03.1.02Tc4
  HW: Stackable FES2402-PREM
      Serial #:   FW17041550
  330 MHz Power PC processor 8245 (version 129/1014) 66 MHz bus
  512 KB boot flash memory
16384 KB code flash memory
  128 MB DRAM
The system uptime is 1418 days 23 hours 17 minutes 32 seconds
The system : started=cold start

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-28-2011

Re: PIPE BKA | not working

Has NO ONE seen this?

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Re: PIPE BKA | not working

Hi Robert,

     In 10 years of Foundry/Brocade, I would say no I have not seen this.

Not the answer you are after but the truth.

The switch you are loking at has very old code (2004), it could be a bug I do not know.  Is it under support?  If so suggest upgrading.

I norammly use the something like 'show run | i hostname"  try the single letter maybe.



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