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PD Detection Fault Problem



We had a problem regarding PoE switchports which is tagged as PD Detection Fault, which causes our IP Phones not powering up.

I first tried connecting one (1) IP Phone at ethernet port to see if the phone is powering up on the port which does not have PD status and it powers up, then plugged it in at ethernet port which is tagged with PD the phone is not getting PoE.


The following is our Brocade switch details:


Copyright (c) 1996-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
UNIT 1: compiled on Jun 24 2011 at 21:28:44 labeled as FCXS07202d
(4869049 bytes) from Primary FCXS07202d.bin
SW: Version 07.2.02dT7f1
Boot-Monitor Image size = 369286, Version:07.0.01T7f5 (grz07001)
HW: Stackable FCX648S-HPOE
UNIT 1: SL 1: FCX-48GS POE 48-port Management Module
Serial #: BCY2248G18K
P-ENGINE 0: type DB90, rev 01
P-ENGINE 1: type DB90, rev 01
UNIT 1: SL 2: FCX-2XGC 2-port 16G Module (2-CX4)
800 MHz Power PC processor 8544E (version 33/0023) 400 MHz bus
65536 KB flash memory
STACKID 1 system uptime is 3 days 5 hours 9 minutes 8 seconds
The system : started=cold start


Attached Here is the status of our ports with PD Detection Problem:


PD Detection Fault.png


Can someone help us to resolve PD Detection Fault problem?


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