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Optic Light Level Standards

I have a large combination of different Brocade devices throughout my network - all utilizing different styles of Brocade certified optics. I have taken a number of baselines on Tx and Rx light levels, BUT, I can not find any type of reference material  to compare my data against. The only thing I can consistently find is the Brocade optics matrix - which IS good, but it does not provide any technical reference for light levels. I have been referred to the same matrix a half dozen times?! Can anyone point me in a more suitable direction?! I understand there are a lot of variables in play, but there has to be some type of base spec sheet for the individual optics.  Thanks!!!

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Re: Optic Light Level Standards

Hi Robert,

On this page, scroll down to the section "Brocade Transceiver Module Resources" and then click on "View More Resources". Then you will see a large list of datasheets for individual optics and these include the optical specs.



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