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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Odd error message

So we had a power outage today in are main data center. And when we where bringing everthing back up I hoped on to the console one of our routers and noticed a strange error message.


Warning: pp_add_ip_host_to_hw() Direct return  28:OUT_OF_CPU_MEM

Warning: pp_add_ip_host_to_hw() Direct return  28:OUT_OF_CPU_MEM

This message seems to pick a ransdom address. I cant seem to find a pattern. I also cant tell what its trying to warn me about

:show mem
Total DRAM: 134217728 bytes
  Dynamic memory: 113246208 bytes total, 41927784 bytes free, 62% used

I Just kind of want to know what this message means

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Re: Odd error message


     pp_add_ip_host_to_hw() Direct return 28:OUT_OF_CPU_MEM

     pp is the packet processor - so just guess is you are out of address space on the line card.  However you should be looked at by the TAC.

     Highly suggest you log a TAC call and get it looked at.



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Re: Odd error message

Hi jfarmer,

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Grace Chang

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Re: Odd error message

It looks like we are running out of hardware resources(Tcam)

The TCAM is where your layer 3 forwarding entries get programmed into hardware. It takes a certain amount of time for the unused entries to age out. Once this has happened and the number of entries drops below the maximum value (256 in this case), you will no longer see the error message. The number of entries is dependent upon the number of hosts attached to your device and the number of local ip subnets configured. I would recommend increasing the maximum Tcam value to 1020:

To increase the Tcam  issue the command listed below,  write to memory and reload.
(config)#system-max hw-ip-route-tcam 1020
(config)#wr mem

Let me know if this resolves the issue.

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