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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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I am fairly new to networking and even newer to Brocade, so please bare with me.

We have an external customer that I configured an IPSEC VPN for on our CheckPoint FW.  Everything seems to be good there, but I am having trouble getting the routing piece completed.  I have created new subnets within our network before and I can get OSPF to work just fine with that, but I am not sure how to configure OSPF to route traffic to a network that does not belong in our environment.  I thought about using static routes, but that can get messy.  I would much rather use OSPF for this.

Can anyone tell me how I can add an OSPF route into my network for a subnet that does not exist in my network?  I need traffic destined for the customer to be routed from one of our remote office to our datacenter out to the Internet.

Any help here would be tremendous!

Thank you in advance.

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You could enter a default route out of your remote office to the datacenter and use the following command to distribute it throughout the OSPF domain as an external route:  default-information-originate

If you want to use static routes you can also redistribute them into the OSPF domain using: redistribute static

Hope it helps!

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