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OSPF Default-Passive-Interface


I am running OSPFv2 on some MLXe's and I want to eliminate unnecessary OSPF traffic out interfaces that are currently not forming OSPF adjacencies... With Cisco I would specify "passive-interface default" and then specify what interfaces I am wanting to run OSPF with the "no passive-interface vlan X"... With Brocade, it seems to potentially be more involving... I have found that brocade has the command "Default-Passive-Interface" that I would enter under a OSPF process, but that command doesn't seem to be available until 5.2? I am running 5.1 and don't see that command as an option. So, per that, is the only way for me to designate what interfaces (physical or virtual) I want OSPF hello's to be sent out of to use "ip ospf passive" command on every L3 interface!?

With Brocade I specify the OSPF area and other parameters directly on the interface, if the L3 interface has no ospf config on it, I would assume that is the equivalent (for Cisco) to not having a network statement that includes the ip that interface is assigned and thus those interfaces will not have hello messages sent out?

I guess my question is, by virtue of the OSPFv3 like OSPF config per interface with brocade, does that implicitely eleminate the need of defining passive interfaces?


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Re: OSPF Default-Passive-Interface

If I am following you correctly, you want to have a passive OSPF interface?

If so use the following command on the interface or ve: ip ospf passive

If you do not specify an OSPF area to an interface or ve it will not participate in OSPF, thus not sending out hello packets.

Hope this helps!

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