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OS from TFTP server issues.

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Hey everybody, I am dealing with a ICX7250 48P and  the problem I am running into is,

I erased the OS from Primary and Secondary because they were corrupt. (FW was messed up and it wouldnt update)

I open up the boot manager and choose type "tftpboot" It then starts pulling from the TFTP server i have setup on my laptop over and over. It will successfully start the download, then it will keep trying so it clogs it up and prevents the image from actually downloading.

Below is a picture link.

Has anybody else run into this problem/ know a better way to do this? Thanks!


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Re: OS from TFTP server issues.

I have never seen this issue but make sure your using a solid tftp server like jounin and verify the file via checksums if necessary.


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Re: OS from TFTP server issues.

Try to install ony 1 TFTP software on your computer

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