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OEM Transceiver on SX chassis

is there anyone who has experience on using

HP LX  gbic (J4859)

SX 3rd gen 24 port SFP linecard

We know OEM transceivers are not officially supported on brocade devices but   any comments will be helpfull for our project. 

Thanks for your help,


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Re: OEM Transceiver on SX chassis

I don't have any gig blades in my SX's but I can tell you that so far their 10gig blades haven't complained about any third party modules so I think you'll be fine.  I'm currently using some Cisco twinax SFP+'s, generic "Diablo Cable" twinax SFP+'s bought off Amazon and some Avago SFP+'s that came with our EMC and all have been working great:

SSH@int5#sh media e 1/1

Port    1/1: Type  : 10GE Twinax 3m (SFP +)

             Vendor: CISCO-TYCO         Version: K  

             Part# : 2053783-2          Serial#: TED1409B1BC   

SSH@int5#sh media e 1/6

Port    1/6: Type  : 10G SR 300m (SFP +)

             Vendor: AVAGO              Version: G2.3

             Part# : AFBR-703ASDZ-E2    Serial#: AGL1214A1012049

SSH@int5#sh media e 1/8

Port    1/8: Type  : 10GE Twinax 5m (SFP +)

             Vendor: OEM                Version:    

             Part# : SFP-H10GB-CU5M     Serial#: CSC10G53244   

My only gripe is that the generics often don't implement optical monitoring so I'd stick with the Brocade optics for critical links there isn't redundancy for since it's nice to monitor optical power levels, etc. which can sometimes be used to predict failure.

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