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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Notation for port naming

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Got a config file uploaded to a ICX 6610 that my business just got from 'above' and was trying to poke around to see how it was configured. Came across a naming convention that puzzled me. 


For all VLAN's, the trunk port is '(U1/M3)   1'. 


I assume this means:

  • unit 1 (the switch isn't stacked)
  • module 3 (it's a 48 port switch)
  • port 1 (so port 25?)


I then came across a VLAN that was referring to that same port, but this time as '(U1/M1)   25'. 


Just curious as to- why it's being referred to under two different names, or is my naming logic wrong?

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Re: Notation for port naming

Hi @bellis1,


Looking over your thread, I thought your thinking was correct but wanted to verify with one of our engineers. Here is his response:


Yes (U1/M1) or M2 or M3 refers to U-Unit 1, M1 or 2 or 3 refers to modules. For example ports 1-48 is refered as M1, the main ports on the 6610, M2 refers to module 2, and module are the stacking module in the back and the ports in stacking module, and finally M3 refers to module 3, the 1/10G uplink ports on the left.

If two vlans are refering to the same port, then probably those two vlans are tagged on that port, so the port acts as a trunk. Otherwise only one vlan typically exists on a port and that would mean that port would be listed under untagged ports or access ports.


I hope that helps!

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Re: Notation for port naming

Makes perfect sense now, thanks!


My naming logic was off. 

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