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Non-disruptive restart to SNMP service

Aflter searching this community, there are a few out there that have asked this same question, but it still has never been answered.  Now it's my turn.

I have an ICX switch that has stopped responding to SNMP queries.  The switch is still functioning normally and can be reached via SSH just fine.  Short of rebooting the switch, is there any other way to restart the snmp service that is non-disruptive to business operation?

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Re: Non-disruptive restart to SNMP service

I don't believe this is possible without rebooting the box .  Which  ICX switch model do you have ?

You can try doing a no snmp-server command and then re configure the snmp server for a workaround . See if that fixes the problem .


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Re: Non-disruptive restart to SNMP service

I was able to kill the snmpd daemon on some Silkworm switches and that caused the daemon to restart. It does not always work...

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Re: Non-disruptive restart to SNMP service

What if you did the "no blah blah" in front of ALL the SNMP config settings then re-enabled them?


Would that not restart SNMP?

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