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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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No routes are advertised to Neighbor



We are setting up a new router setup. We have the folowing BGP configuration: 

#show ip bgp config
Current BGP configuration:

router bgp
local-as 201290
capability as4 enable
neighbor remote-as 39637
neighbor remote-as 201290

address-family ipv4 unicast

address-family ipv4 multicast

address-family ipv6 unicast

address-family ipv6 multicast


The problem is that the network is not advertised to neighbor


The BGP sesion is established and i recive routes from that BGP neighbor. 


We running on a CER 2024 whit firmware 5.5

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Re: No routes are advertised to Neighbor

Does the route exist in the local IP table? Does that router own that subnet?


you might also look into the redisribute if it's a static, directly connected or ospf route


Modifying redistribution parameters
By default, the Layer 3 Switch does not redistribute route information between BGP4 and the IP IGPs (RIP and OSPF). You can configure the switch to redistribute OSPF routes, RIP routes, directly connected routes, or static routes into BGP4 by using the following methods.
To enable redistribution of all OSPF routes and directly attached routes into BGP4, enter the following commands.
Brocade(config)#router bgp
Brocade(config-bgp-router)#redistribute ospf
Brocade(config-bgp-router)#redistribute connected
Brocade(config-bgp-router)#write memory
[no] redistribute connected | ospf | rip | static
The connected parameter indicates that you are redistributing routes to directly attached devices into BGP.
The ospf parameter indicates that you are redistributing OSPF routes into BGP4.
NOTE: Entering redistribute ospf simply redistributes internal OSPF routes. If you want to redistribute external OSPF routes also, you must use the redistribute ospf match external... command. Refer to “Redistributing OSPF external routes”.
The rip parameter indicates that you are redistributing RIP routes into BGP4.
The static parameter indicates that you are redistributing static routes into BGP.
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Re: No routes are advertised to Neighbor

Create a prefix-list  with the ip address in there.


ip prefix-list netblocks seq 10 permit

ip prefix-list netblocks seq 1000 deny


Create a route-map matching on the prefix list


route-map netblocks-outbound permit 20

match ip address prefix-list netblocks


bind route-map for the neighbor to announce the ip space.


neighbor route-map out netblocks-outbound

neighbor route-map out netblocks-outbound


clear bgp neighbor for configuration changes to take effect.



You do need a null for that route if it's not in the CER already.


ip route null0 dist 250



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