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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Newbie: icx-6450 to closet.....?

So this will sound like silly question I'm sure.... But I'm trying to wrap my head around what I need to do to help with this situation.


Currently next to the patch panel on another floor there's the icx-6450.... which has runs everywhere in the building. Currently based on how the floors are laid out, we have a server room on a different floor. In that location there are 3 cat-6 available which all run back to the current panel. Based on the age of the building and the current construction, running additional cables isn't a good idea.


In the closet we currently have running a file server, an active directory and a vpn/multihomed server.


So I'm leveraging a desktop switch in here for the time being, since we are going to need it in another location eventually anyway.


What's the best way to get more drops available in the closet? 


Based on my reading and google, I would say a small 12 port 6430 or 6450 in the closet, so I can have enough drops to enable lacp for the servers (they all have multiple nic's, but most are currently running on a single point of failure. I figure I can leverage the 3 existing drops to act as the uplink/trunk between the two switches..... 


But if anybody has some good ideas and suggestions I'm open.......



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