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New command in version 8000a for link-aggregation ICX-6430

Normally I used the following command to create a link aggregation between two switches.

ICX6xxx (config) # interface « stackID/slot/port »

ICX6xxx (config-if- stackID/slot/port) # link-aggregate configure key 10000

ICX6xxx (config-if- stackID/slot/port) # link-aggregate active

ICX6xxx (config) # show link-aggregate

I can see that the command link-aggregate doesn't exist anymore.

How can I create a link-aggregation between two 6430 swtiches with image 8000A ?


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Re: New command in version 8000a for link-aggregation ICX-6430


There has been some enhancements done in 08000a release and therefore, some old LAG commands have been deprecated. LACP  Configuration in 7.4  was on a per-interface basis. It was possible for a  port with the same local LACP key to be part of different trunk groups.  However with new enhancements on 8.0, configuration can be done on a lag level and therefore  once a port is added as a member of a LAG, that specific port can only be configured through LAG. The steps to configure LAG is described on 08000a config guide. Please link on link below which takes you to the page in Layer2 Switching Guide that covers the LAG configuration procedure.

Some of the differences in terms of configuring LAG in 08000a release versus in prior releases are covered in the config guide as well. Below is the html link to the page that talks about the differences.



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