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Registered: ‎05-17-2012

New HyperEdge solution

Hi guys

I have been taking a look at the new offering for the Brocade ICX chassis that is expected early next year. Two interesting details are automatic Stack discovery and single point management using a virtual IP address. This raises a few questions for something we are doing already.

Before I go any further, I am neither a switching expert nor a complete newbie, but somewhere in between. So I may sometimes use the right terminology, but it may be in completely the wrong place...if this leads to confusion, join the club.

OK so my questions.

When the stack is added to, how would this change the MIB structure of the stack, and is this really going to be seamlessly done or would any other steps have to be taken to integrate the new chassis?

Is the virtual stacking done in the HyperEdge software, and so would be transparent as far as the stacks own internal view of itself?

Regarding single IP address management for multiple stacks, would I be right in assuming this is just a virtual IP address for single-step updates, and the individual stacks will have their own individual IP addresses as normal.

How might this work for existing SNMP polling processes? If I want to poll an individual stack for port changes, can I still go direct to that stack?

So once again apologies if any of these questions seem ridiculous, I will get better as I learn more about the system.


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