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New Certification Exam for Service Providers

by on ‎10-20-2011 09:11 AM (455 Views)

On October 29th, Brocade is launching a new IP certification aimed at the service provider market. The new exam, Brocade Certified Service Provider Network Engineer (BCSPNE) we be a variation of our Brocade Certified Network Engineer and Professional exams, with the slant towards service providers. This test will certify that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Ethernet switching and IP routing (Layer 2/3) for service provider networks based on Brocade products.  The Brocade products referenced in the exam include the NetIron platforms (MLX, XMR, CES, CER and the new 6910) and NetIron 5.2 code. The exam objectives and sections are:


  • Describe NetIron platforms

Management Concepts

  • Describe management features
  • Demonstrate knowledge of security concepts


  • Demonstrate knowledge of QoS
  • Describe how to implement QoS


  • Describe advanced knowledge of BGP concepts
  • Describe Provider Backbone Bridging basic concepts
  • Describe VRRP-E operations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of multi-chassis trunking (MCT)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of metro ring (MRP) and Ethernet      ring protocol (ERP) features
  • Describe IP routing protocol concepts


  • Describe basic MPLS concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of MPLS VPNs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of MPLS configuration


  • Demonstrate knowledge of multicast on a service      provider network


  • Demonstrate knowledge of IPv6 addressing
  • Demonstrate knowledge of IPv6 routing


  • Demonstrate knowledge of troubleshooting techniques

The courses that support this exam include:

CNE 200 Brocade Certified Network Engineer Blended Learning Solution

CNP 300 Advanced Switch Router and Configuration Management

ETH 640 Deploying MPLS

NI 110-WBT NetIron Software Update Training

BGP 400 (when available)

The exam will be 60 questions, have a passing score of 65%, and be 90 minutes in length. It will available worldwide from our usual test delivery vendor, Pearson VUE and the exam number is 150-710. Coming out shortly after the exam goes live will be a Nutshell exam prep guide and a free knowledge assessment.