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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Network utilization in a small-medium network

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Hi All,


I'm a network admin in a medium-sized secondary school environemnt. We are in the process of trying to show that we need to upgrade certain parts of our physical infrastructure. I am after a method of monitoring the utilisation of the link from each of our peripheral switches (ICX 6450s and 6430s) back to our core switch (an ICX 6610). The links are a mix of CAT6 and fibre OM-1, and we need to show that they should be upgraded.


I'm currently using Brocade Network Advisor to monitor the ports on the core switch which connect to the other switches. I am wondering which is the best metric to get the utilization % for each switch's link. I've added various collectors but the only one which appears to show any change over time is the TE Port Tx and Rx collectors. This, however never gets up to 5% on any of the switches, which I believe to be incorrect. the highest value for TE Port by Mb is 2.9Mb/Sec. Does this sound like it actually is only like 3% of the maximum? Or am I looking at the wrong collector?







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Re: Network utilization in a small-medium network

We use Network Flow Analyser from Manage Engine... I am confident you could get a free trial and get it setup in about a half-hour on a Windows server.


From there, configureation of Brocade switches is CAKE:



interface ethernet 1/2/1
port-name Interface You Want Reported
sflow forwarding



If you want to do a ton of them:

interface ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/48

sflow forwarding




interface ve 100
port-name WAN Circuit  ID 12345678ABCD
ip address 1 <Generally a WAN IP>  <Subnet Mask>



sflow agent-ip <Generally a WAN IP>
sflow sample 512
sflow polling-interval 30
sflow destination <IP of your Flow Analizer> 2055
sflow enable






Once you set it up on the switch(s), it will appear in your software...  You can then choose the siwtches and Interfaces that interest you, set threasholds, set notification alert emails, etc.



Of course, this is much more for convincing administration you need to upgrade the WAN Circuits than the network devices, but either way, you can possibly demonstrate some 100 mbps links are too slow internally, or whatever your needs are.

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