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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Network crashes

 I currently have 16 ICX 6450's in a ring topology running version 7.X when I try to add a ICX 6450 24-P running version 8.0X it kills the network. What could be wrong? Do I have to upgrade all to the same version for it to work?

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Re: Network crashes



Have you tried downgrading the new switch to the same version running in production?




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Re: Network crashes

I don't know what you mean by a "ring" topology unless you meen a switching "loop" topology.  Those are Ethernet type switches, and that is most likely the reason you are down.


If you DO wire them in a ring for some reason, you will need to ensure STP is enabled on those VLANs and PORTS and blocking somewhere in the ring ultimately making it a daisy "chain"




You will want to do a "show errdisable recovery" and a "show errdisable summary" as well as a "show span" to look at what's going on.  I suspec tyou have a loop.

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